#tbt. It’s so hot out right now.

#tbt Last year when Michael and MJ were camping, Davy and I made a fort.


F for Freedom in America

U is for U.S.A.

N is for Nobody can stop us from being obnoxious



Happy Independence Day, all y’all

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the segregation of ideas. I know several people who choose to live in a certain place because everyone there thinks like they do (I know both conservatives and liberals who have expressed this to me). I do think that can be a more comfortable way to live, but…

This is important.

After. I’m not finished - he has a lot of stuff to go through and get rid of, but he’s home and my back hurts so I have to stop. #hesnothappy #icantbelieveyouMom

My dad and I camping in Cardston, AB. Sept 1974. Back when I was a natural blonde. Check out my dad’ boots. #tbt

Nevermind the pretty pink nails or the cool ring from Nana- check out my bruise from getting poked THREE times for a blood test. I should have drunk more water. #poornurse #pincushion

Davy thought this was a picture of me. It is. #imthebaby #tbt

New skirt. Tres jolie, non? #ootd

Look at my cute new shoes! #sotd #ninewest